Training courses are aimed at raising awareness among warehouse workers about potential risks when working with storage equipment.

Royal Decree RD 1215/1997 states that one of employer's obligations is training their workers.

It thus meets the legal requirement for training and information about the use, risks and safety of the storage equipment that employes have over workers.


Our training courses give support to our customer's prevention services helping them to transmit the importance of health and safety related to racking and storage equipment.

We ...

Health and safety regulations indicate that the company and the company's owner have to guaranty that the workers receive proper information and training about the risks ...

There are 4 different in-house courses aimed to different people and positions related with the storage equipment.


This course prepares ...

The courses are imparted by experts and ITE inspectors with extensive experience in the storage industry and with technical education.

Course attendees get a certificate of assitance to the corresponding course and entitling them to carry out the activities teached with the course.

If you are in one of the following circumstances, we were more than happy in assisting you:

- If you need to name a PRSES (Person Responsible for Storage Equipment ...