There are 4 different in-house courses aimed to different people and positions related with the storage equipment.

  1. The courses are presential and take place in our customer’s premises. The trainers will move to the customer’s premises.
  2. The courses are imparted by experts and ITE® inspectors with extensive experience in the storage industry and with technical education.
  3. Course attendees get a certificate of assistance to the corresponding course and entitling them to carry out the activities taught with the course.
Cursos seguridad de estanterías

Noega Systems is the first accredited inspection entity, with ENAC accreditation No. 281 / EI466 according to the criteria included in the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 CGA-ENAC-EI standard.

Types of courses

PRSES, Person Responsible of Storage Equipment Safety

This course prepares to take over the role of PRSES (Person Responsible of Storage Equipment Safety) according to norm EN 15635.

Visual inspection

The internal visual inspections (daily, weekly, monthly) can be executed by visual inspectors from the own company. This course enables the attendees to execute visual inspections according to EN 15635.

Basic maintenance

Prepares the existing maintenance team of the company to carry out basic maintenance works of racking and storage equipment.

End user

This course is aimed at warehouse workers using the racking and storage equipment. Workers are informed and educated about risks and limitations of the racking.

Standard y legislation

Health and safety regulations indicate that the company and the company’s owner must guaranty that the workers receive proper information and training about the risks involved in the use of racking and storage equipment. This training must include the right form of use of the storage equipment.

The standard EN 15635 “Steel static storage equipment. Application and maintenance of storage equipment” states that the company has to name a PRSES (Person Responsible for Storage Equipment Safety). It is also said in this norm that the company must have trained workers and competent people for the use of handling and storage equipment.

Normativa y legislación
Cursos seguridad de estanterías

How to ask for our training courses?

Should you be in one or more of following situations:

  • Need to appoint a PRSES (Person Responsible of Storage Equipment Safety), who takes care about the safety of your storage systems.

  • Need internal visual inspectors to conduct periodic inspections.

  • Need to educate and sensitize the warehouse workers on the correct use of racking and storage systems and inform them about the risks.

  • Want to gain autonomy and take care about your own basic maintenance of your racking and storage systems.

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