During the lifetime of your storage equipment they are subjected to conditions and modifications (damages, replacements, substitutions, changes in configuration, transfers, accidents, …), that can substantially alter their performance, and revisions and actualizations to secure safety operations are increasingly needed.

Validation of use of storage equipment is the authorization by a competent person for the safe use of the storage equipment after verification of compliance with the partial technical, documentary and assembly validation, as well as the corresponding annual ITE® racking inspection conducted by an expert.

Validación de sistemas de almacenaje

Noega Systems is the first accredited inspection entity, with ENAC accreditation No. 281 / EI466 according to the criteria included in the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 CGA-ENAC-EI standard.


The question to answer is: Is our racking and storage equipment validated for a safe use?

Owner and user are responsible to validate the storage equipment and racking for a safe use, for both used and new equipment. To count on a validation of use, you need to have the following partial validations:

  • Static validation.

  • Assembly validation.

  • Documentary validation.

  • ITE® annual racking inspection for equipment older than 1 year.

For new racking (less than 1 year), those partial validations must be provided by the racking supplier.

From the first year on the storage equipment requires additionally the ITE® racking inspection to verify the state of the racking, to identify damages and to check if the partial validations are still valid.

Validation certificates have to be signed by an expert and competent person.

Validación de Estanterías - ITE

Types of validation

Certificate issued by a competent person for the safe use of the storage equipment after verification of compliance of the partial validations (technical, assembly and documentary).

Is the verification and issue of a certificate by a competent person of load capacity according with the current state of the art and the valid norms at the moment of validation, independently of the applied regulations and standards at the moment of design.

Certificate issued by competent person after finishing of assembly, confirming that the assembly works were executed accordingly to the standards and the installation instructions of the supplier.

Certification by competent person of the existence of the necessary documentation (project, drawings, loading labels, user’s manual, installation instructions, …), as well as the documentation required by specific norms.

Loading labels

Loading labels have to be placed on a good visible location on the racking and all warehouse workers have to know about them, understand the loading labels and operate the racking according to the information gathered on those loading labels.

In case that your racking do not dispose of loading levels, be aware that you are not complying with current legislation and health and safety regulations.

If you do not have loading labels and your supplier does not exist anymore, or is not attending your requirements, or you simply do not know who the supplier was, we can provide those loading labels prior execution of a technical validation of the installation using the technical information available.

placas de características, seguridad estanterías

Together with the loading labels you will get the corresponding certificate with the static validation of the storage equipment.

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