Yes. The norm EN 15635 specifies that the storage systems must be inspected at least once every 12 months.

Racking equipment is a working equipment, and it is the company’s responsibility to keep this equipment in perfect state of use and safety.

The European standard EN 15635 says that storage equipment and racking has to be inspected by an EXTERN, EXPERT and QUALIFIED PERSON.

Always ask for qualified and certified inspectors

The European norm EN 15635 establishes that racking and storage systems have to be inspected at least once every 12 months.

No, it is not. Through an ITE Racking Inspection your storage systems will be analyzed and audited following a technical norm (like vehicle inspections or lift inspections). A maintenance service or an after sales service is limited to the repair and replacement of components of the racking or storage system.

It really depends on the type of storage equipment to be inspected and the size of the installation. It could take from one to several days.

We adapt ourselves to the customer’s requirements and work schedule, seeking to minimize the interferences with their operations.

All racking and storage systems must be inspected independently of their age. Thou it has to be said that the older the storage system, the higher the probability of hidden damages, and the more recommended it is to perform an ITE Racking Inspection.

Yes, it can. Noega Sytems is a company specialized in industrial storage systems. We will advise on the best for you and your storage system.

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