The Royal Decree 1215/1997 regulates in Spain obligations and responsibilities of working equipment like racking and any kind of storage equipment.

Among others, following responsibilities for the employer must be considered:

  • Put at worker’s disposal adequate working equipment.

  • Health and safety of workers must be guaranteed while using the storage equipment.

  • Follow ergonomic principles.

  • To carry out an adequate maintenance of working equipment for a safe use.

  • To hire a competent person to perform periodic inspections according to the specific technical rules of application.

Responsabilidades ITE
Responsabilidades Evaluación del estado de estanterías

The evaluation of the state of the storage equipment by one of our experts will highlight if your racking is safe and what is the existing level of risks. You will get an in-depth report including the actions proposed to be taken with your racking.

As independent inspectors our main interest is reducing the quantity of incidents working together with our customers, analyzing the causes of the damages. We aspire for safer racking and warehouses, avoiding damages of materials and personal injuries.

ITE® does much more than an after sales service and goes beyond the simple enumeration of damages and components to be replaced. With the ITE® you comply with legal requirements while putting your racking in experts’ hands.

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