Your warehouses’ storage equipment is working equipment that has to be inspected at least once a year by an independent, external and expert person. To meet this requirement let your racking be inspected by ITE® (Inspección Técnica de Estanterías or Racking Inspection).

ITE® is an in-house developed system and methodology that follows the standard EN 15635 and the NTP-852 prevention note. ITE® also fulfills the obligations derived from the Royal Decree RD 1215/1997 applicable in Spain.

Inspección de Estanterías

A deteriorated shelving can lead to the collapse of the installation, almost instantaneously and without warning.

Reasons to inspect

On one side storage equipment are working equipment and according to the Spanish Royal Decree RD 1215/1997, working equipment must periodically be inspected by a competent person, and inspection’s records have to be documented and put to disposal of the labor authority.

On the other side, the experience says that storage equipment get damaged with its use. This makes the storage equipment unsecure and with high risk to produce accidents and dangerous situations.

A damaged racking can produce a sudden collapse of the whole storage installation.

Structural elements of the racking suffer damages not always visible (knocks, hits, dents, …) mainly produced during loading / unloading operations carried out with handling equipment (fork lifts, pallet jacks, …).

Those damages negatively affect the racking performance and loading capacities, making the whole equipment more unsecure and dangerous.

Potential consequences go from damages of stored material, and in case of collapse to personal injuries or even to death in the worst case.

Other actions like re-location or changes of configuration of the racking could also mean a reduction of loading capacities.

Through our ITE® racking inspection system, weak points and deteriorated elements in your racking equipment will be highlighted, allowing you to act upon these unsafe and dangerous components.

 ITE® methodology

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Standars and legislation

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